Homeopathy Bedwetting kit with Enukind, Equisetum

Homeopathy Bedwetting kit with Enukind, Equisetum

Homeopathy Bedwetting kit is a combination of most effective Homeopathic medicines in liquid & globules form to treat Bedwetting. It provides relief from both primary and secondary Bedwetting caused by diabetes, side effects of medications, kidney diseases, genetics, urinary tract infection.
•Enukind: Effectively controls frequency of urination and checks nocturnal enuresis. Controls nervousness and irritability. Also takes care of mental and physical debility due to nocturnal enuresis.
•Equisetum: Effective remedy for bed wetting where the urination is painful. In cases where the child urinates in bed more as a matter of habit, Equisetum is one of the best homeopathic medicines for bed wetting.

Homeopathy constipation kit consists 2 most commonly prescribed medicines for Bedwetting in Homeopathy.
Enukind pills
Equisetum Q

Enukind-if child is above 3years 3pills 3times a day , if child is above 6 years 6 pills 3 times a day, Dosage for Eqisetum Q-10 drops in 1/2 cup water 2 times a day morning and evening.

1 unit Enukind pills 10gm
1 unit Equisetum Q 30ml

MRP: 225/- (Buy online get discounts)

You can also conveniently order Homeopathy Bedwetting kit online by Mail, Phone or Whatsapp (#9686858499)

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