Goitre Homeopathic Treatment, Clinically cured case

before and after treatment of Goitre in Homeopathic

Goitre Homeopathic Treatment By Dr Souparno Bose, clinically cured case details

Goitre is a general term for an enlarged thyroid gland ( a small butterfly-shaped gland in your throat region). Symptoms might include swelling and coughing, fast heart rate, inability to tolerate heat, shortness of breath, throat tightness,

Homeopathic medicines for goiter help boost the self-healing mechanism of the body to bring about natural recovery of underactive thyroid (hypo thyroid). Another surgical disease is completely cured by DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy within 8 months.

Doctor’s prescription for Goitre Homeopathic Treatment in above case

Calcarea fluor 0/1 is the remedy for 1st 15 days.
Calcarea fluor 0/2 in 3rd month for 15 days.

Other top homeopathy medicines for Goiter, Thyroid disorders

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