Fistula treatment without surgery

Fistula treatment without surgery

Fistula treatment without surgery is possible with homeopathic medicines says Dr.K.S Gopi, a well known homeopathic researcher and professor. Well selected homoeopathic medicines cure this condition without the need for invasive treatment he opines. These natural remedies work by cleaning the fistula tract and promoting mucosal surface adhesion through body healing.Know the fistula medicines by indications

How is fistula treatment possible without surgery in homeopathy?
A homeopath will be able to give you symptom specific medicines and also constitutional remedy that is suited to your profile. For instance Belladonna 30 arrests the initial stages of fistula whereas Hepar sulph 30 takes over when first stage is over and limits the severity and spread of fistuala. Then there is Myristica Sebifera Q which is considered to be a specific remedy for fistula in the anus. All these remedies can help you contain fistula without the need to going under a surgeon’s knife. Know more details below

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