First aid for fainting, Bach Flower Recue remedy

First aid for fainting

First aid for fainting – Give Bach Flower Recsue remedy. If someone is on the verge of fainting, he or she should sit down or lie down and remain rested until recovery is felt. Also, need to drink water with bach flower rescue remedy for quick recovery

How to prevent fainting with first aid?
A fainting spell may occur from shock, distress, sight of blood, anxiety, fear, emotional stress and even heat of the moment. Dr Bach says Rescue remedy is most valuable and its effect is often almost immediate in cases of mental and physical shock. It is a true first aid remedy before the doctor arrives. As per paper published in complementary therapies in clinical practice, Bach rescue remedy acts as a therapeutic agent in the relief of shock, anxiety and pain. As per article published in New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 13, Bach flower therapy can help and support patients and families with emotional disturbances. You can prevent fainting by taking 10 -15 Drops of rescue remedy in 1/4 cup of water. Repeat this after every half hour in case of emergencies

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