Eupatorium Perfoliatum Homeopathy Medicine (Dilution), Buy Online

Eupatorium Perfoliatum Homeopathy Medicine from Schwabe, Reckewg, SBL, St.George, Buy medicine Online for Dengue, Chikungunya treatment

Eupatorium Perfoliatum is a great remedy to fight viral diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya and is recommended by central council for research in Homeopathy, Govt of India and backed by empirical studies (stephen J McPhee, Priyank Bharati & Rajasree sinha in seperate studies). It helps improve resistance to the epidemic disease

About the plant Eupatorium Perfoliatum

It is native of North America. A deciduous, perennial herb, with a horizontal root up to 1.3m; stem high, stout, erect crisp villous round and branching at the top. Leaves opposite, lanceolate, prominently ribbed, rugose, united at the base around the stem (connate-perfoliatge), serrate, shining green above, pubescent beneath, 12-20 cm long 2-5 cm wide at the base. Flowers purplish-white in 30 to 40 flowers heads, stalked, rather small, in dense, opposite branched axillary and terminal cymes.
It contains eupatorin, lannic acid, gallic acids, bitter glucosides, volatile oils and vitamins, Itssesquiterpene, lactones and polysaccharides are significant immune stimulant.

A homoeopathic tincture is made from the flowering tops. It is covered by both: Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India and German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia.The Eupatorium Perfoliatum has been used for centuries in the traditional medicinal system of Native America. It extracts have been used to relieve problems of cold and fever. The effects of the herb have been studied and have indicated possible anti inflammatory effects.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum as per Materia Medica (William Boericke)

It is a boon in miasmatic districts, along rivers, marshes, etc, and in all conditions where there is a great deal of bone-pain. Cachexia from old chronic, bilious intermittents. Worn-out constitutions from inebriety. Sluggishness of all organs and functions. Bone-pains, general and severe. Soreness. Marked periodicity (Ars; China; Cedron).
Head.–Throbbing pain. Pressure as if a cap of lead pressed over the whole skull. Vertigo; sensation of falling to left. Vomiting of bile. Top and back of head with pain and soreness of eyeballs. Periodical headache, every third and seventh day. Occipital pain after lying down, with sense of weight.
Mouth.–Cracks in corners of mouth, yellow coated tongue, thirst.
Stomach.–Tongue yellow. Taste bitter. Hepatic region sore. Great thirst. Vomiting and purging of bile, of green liquid several quarts at a time. Vomiting preceded by thirst. Hiccough (Sulph ac; Hydrocy ac). Avoids tight clothing.
Stool.–Frequent, green watery. Cramps. Constipated, with sore liver.
Respiratory.–Coryza, with sneezing. Hoarseness and cough, with soreness in chest; must support it. Influenza, with great soreness of muscles and bones. Chronic loose cough, chest sore; worse at night. Cough relieved by getting on hands and knees.
Fever.–Perspiration relieves all symptoms except headache. Chill between 7 and 9 am, preceded by thirst with great soreness and aching of bones. Nausea, vomiting of bile at close of chill or hot stage; throbbing headache. Knows chill is coming on because he cannot drink enough.
Extremities.–Aching pain in back. Aching in bones of extremities with soreness of flesh. Aching in arms and wrists. Swelling of left great toe. Gouty soreness and inflamed nodosities of joints, associated with headache. Dropsical swelling.
Modalities.–Worse, periodically. Better, by conversation, by getting on hands and knees.
Relationship.–Compare: Bryon; Sepia; Natrmur; Chelidon. Nyctanthesarbor-tristis (bilious fever; insatiable thirst; bitter vomiting at close of chill; also constipation of children).
Dose.–Tincture, to third attenuation.

Mode of action

It is known as ‘Bone-set’, from the prompt manner in which it relieves pain in limbs and muscles that accompanies some forms of febrile disease, like chikungunya, dengue, malaria and influenza. It acts principally upon the gastro-helatic organs and bronchial mucous membrane. It is a boon in miasmatic districts, along river, marshes, etc. and in all conditions where there is a great deal of bone-pain. It is also used in sluggishness of all organs and functions. Its effect on herpes, ring-worm, wounds, gout have been reported apart from immune-stimulant.
Q. 1x.
It relieves pain in limbs and muscles that accompanies some forms of febrile disease, malaria and influenza, gastro hepatic organs and bronchial mucous membrane, great deal of bone pain, herpes, ring-worm, wounds.

Health Benefits

Eupatorium Perfoliatum has proved to be greatly beneficial in dengue with the following symptoms: “ Intermittent fever, chill 7 to 9 A.M., intense aching in all bones before chill, soreness in bones, bruised feeling everywhere preventing lying in bed and causing despair, moaning and crying out, inability to lie on the let side, vomiting of bile between chill and heat insatiable thirst before and during chill and fever, periodicity third or seventh day”
Give Eupatorium Q, 5 drops or 1x, 2 drops every 15 minutes during paroxysm of fever and 4 times during prodormal stage.

• Indigestion
• Bladder issues
• Pneumonia: High sweat inducing properties of the herb make it an effective management for pneumonia.
• Fever: an infusion made from this herb is advised during fever.
• Constipation: helps in dispelling gas and softening the stool as well as expelling it from the system
• Dyspepsia: a tonic made from Eupatorium Perfoliatum is to be taken to relieve the problem of dyspepsia.
• Loss of appetite: Advised to be used by people suffering from problems like anorexia.

As preventive Dosage
Eupatorium Perfoliatum can be taken 5 drops (preferably with some water if you do not like the taste) twice daily for 3 days and subsequently atleast 2 doses a week at the interval of 3-4 days till the epidemic perists.

Size, Potency & Price:

    30C 200C 1M
SBL 100ML 120 140 175
30ML 70 75 90
Schwabe 100ML 120 175  
30ML 80 95 115
Reckeweg 11ML 105 125 155
St.Georges 100ML   140  


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11 thoughts on “Eupatorium Perfoliatum Homeopathy Medicine (Dilution), Buy Online”

    1. Preventive dosage is already indicated on the page, dosage for children will be half of that for adults

  1. Please do reply as to how long does Eupatorium Perfoliatum in Mother Tincture form need to be taken and what should be the dosage as I am also suffering from severe pain in ankles and feet even though it has been 2 months since I had Chikungunya.

  2. Hi, I had chikungunya on 20th October then after 24th i didn’t get fever at all but I am suffering from sever pain in legs, Ankle, wrist, Hand fingers and now in shoulders also. Please suggest Medicine and their side effects and let me know about the dose. I am frustrated with this pains. Every morning i am not able to walk then after some time i can, but i still have pain.

    1. Eupatorium Perf is well indicated for all the searing pain you have in body joints as a result of chikungunya infection. It is recommended by National council for research in Homeopathy (NCRH), Govt of India and is free of any sife effects

      1. Thanks ia m usung it sunce last friday. Still no relief frim pain. How long i have to take it and what about dose?. As of now i am using 5 drops morning and evening directlt into mouth.

  3. Hi
    My mother 63yrs, had chikungunya 5 days back. Although she doesn’t have fever now but she s feeling extreme pain and stiffness in her knees. Specially in her left knee. She’s not able to even bend her knees n feeling disabled. Prior to chikungunya she had knee problems but now she is feeling continuous pinching pain with swelling. Please suggest some good medicine. Thanks.

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