Dr Reckeweg Germany Carcinosin Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM

Dr Reckeweg Germany Carcinosin Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM

Carcinosin, the great polychrest (covering various systems of the body) remedy was initially established by William Boericke, one of the pioneer’s of Homeopathy. Later, in the 19th Century, Dr.Burnett and Dr. J.H Clarke did a lot of research on this medicine and further explored the healing properties of this remedy. Many physicians in later years then worked on its clinical significance by performing various provings.

This remedy is indicated for children with a weak intellect, and in the modern times, it is emphatically stated in Autism Spectrum Disorders. The affected child may feel chilly or hot. He/She may get profoundly affected by cold and heat.
A person who needs carcinosin has a family history of diabetes, tuberculosis, anemia, etc. It is considered to be an effective antidote for the ill effects of vaccinations. While there are no proven facts that Autism occurs due to vaccination, there are multiple theories and research work that does indicate that vaccinations can play a role in some instances of Autism. Thereby, Carcinosin also covers the bad effects of vaccination in cases of Autism

A significant feature of carcinosin is restlessness and hurriedness. There is marked hyperactivity. It is very useful for controlling hyperactivity in kids with Autism or ADHD. The child keeps running, jumping, climbing furniture, etc..

Carcinosin is also indicated for managing chronic fatigue in mononucleosis. Persons requiring it feel weary and fatigued always. This may be attended with trembling especially in the morning time. It works both in recent and long standing cases of mononucleosis.

Carcinosin is equally effective in children with arrested growth. A child who needs Carcinosin would have very low immunity and thus, suffer from recurrent severe infections. Children in such cases of developmental delay have difficulty in falling asleep. Therefore, where the child needs to be carried around or rocked to sleep or where he specifically sleeps on the abdomen, Carcinosin is the most effective medicine to give. Carcinosin is also the medicine for autistic disease in children with development delay. Such cases show marked hyperactivity and restless behavior.

Carcinosin is best for bulimia where the person is fastidious and possess obsessive compulsive disorder. Carcinosin person always trust in perfectionism , so they fear of becoming fat and also fear of rejection. They always have abuse, grief or fears often related to weight. Great anxiety in pit of stomach. Malnutrition due to effects of additives.

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