Dr. Reckeweg Condurango Q, Homeopathic Mother Tincture, 20ml

Dr. Reckeweg Condurango Q, Homeopathic Mother Tincture, 20ml

Mother Tincture Name


Description It is found in South America. The homoeopathic tincture is made from the bark of the tree. It is covered by both Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India and German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. It was proved by Dr.Burnett and Dr.Dinsmore.
Uses Allays the pain in gastralgia accompanying cancer of stomach. Modifies secretions of digestive glands. Paniful cracks in corner of mouth is a guidling symptom  of this drug. Also indicated in cases of chronic gastric catarrh, syphilis and cancer.
Recommended dosage 10-20 drops in water 3 times daily or more depending on physician’s evaluation of the case. The MT should be used under medical supervision.


Mother Tincture Name

Condurango Q

Brand Price Size
Dr.Reckeweg Rs. 220 20ml
Willmar Schwabe India  Rs. 190 30ml
Sbl Rs. 180 30ml

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