Bach Flower Clematis for daydreaming personality disorder

daydreaming personality disorder remedy

About Daydreaming personality disorder: A daydreamer is basically a escapist, wishful thinker as against pragmatist, realist. Such people are not connected to the present, they often think about doing something else or being somewhere else, instead of paying attention to what is happening where they are now. Such people may suffer fantasy, delusion, Idealism and out of sync with reality

Emotional state of person needing Clematis bach flower: Little attention for things happening around him/her. Thoughts are elsewhere. Not fully awake. Unhappy in the present, living in future happier times

Person before treatment: Daydreamer, absent minded professor, idealist, terminally ill.

Person after Clematis bach flower treatment: control of thought world, finding interest in physical world and doing creative work.

Know how bach flower clematis can help you overcome daydreaming personality disorder

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