Herbamed AG Switzerland – Homeopathic remedies, Complexes List

Herbamed AG is a Appenzellerland based Swiss manufacturer  of Homeopathic medicines and a European leader in phytotherapy. Since 1983 their range of traditional Swiss herbal remedies have found their place in pharmacies all across the world. Its products owe efficacy to the plants growing wild in clean, pristine regions of the Swiss alps regions which are manufactured as per Swissmedic and FDA standards. No wonder 80% of manufacturers in Germany, Italy, Spain, England and Switzerland source their mother tinctures from Herbamed. Brought to you in India by homeomart, India’s leading online homeopathy medicine store

Herbamed Homeopathic Phytotherapy. Switzerland homeopathy medicines

Herbamed Product Name Product Indications

Homeopathic Complexes with Mother Tinctures

Aequalin (hypertension drops) indicated for arterial hypertension, headache and dizziness in patients suffering from nervous hypertension. Size:20ml,  MRP:120
Amarin (stomach drops) indicated for according to homeopathic principles, for treatment of gastrointestinal disturbances due to disorders of secretion and motility, such as eructation, flatulence, feeling of fullness, gastrointestinal spasms, nervous stomach pain. Size: 20ml,  MRP:120
Dissolvin (analgesic drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principle dissolvin has spasmolytic and analgesic properties for the treatment of autonomic conditions involving the stomach, intestines and bile ducts, as well as headache and toothache. Size: 20ml
Euphorin (anti-depression drops) Indicated for depression mood, depressions light and medium grade.Size: 20ml
Hepasin (liver and bile drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principle, for treatment of hepatic and biliary disorders, malfunction of the gallbladder. Size: 20ml,  MRP:120
Phlebin (vein drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principle for treatment of venous circulatory disorders, varicose veins,phlebitis, hemorrhoids, oedemas. Size: 20ml
Prosta Vit (prostate drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principle, for early treatment of enlargement of the prostate, miction disorders, irritable bladder. Size: 20ml
Resistin plus (fever-common cold drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principle, for supportive treatment of common cold and fever, prophylaxis of influenza, generally for improvement of the body’s defenses at inflammable processes and inflection. Size: 20ml,  MRP:120
Solidin (bladder-and kidney drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principle, for treatment of bladder complaints, catarrh of the bladder and kidneys, with non-productive urge to urinate. Size: 20ml,  MRP:120
Soporin (sleeping drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principles, for treatment of difficulties in falling asleep, especially due to nervous agitation and examination stress. Size: 20ml,  MRP:120
Figurin (slimming drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principles, for treatment of overweight, bulimia,acts as an anorexiant and regulates the digestions during weight-reducing courses. Size: 20ml

Homeopathic Complexes with dilutions

Arnica complex (impact injuries drops) Indicated for post-traumatic syndromes as sprains, bruises, contusions, strains, haematomas, burns(oral and external use). Size: 20ml
Circuvin (homeopathic circulation drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principles, circuvin can be used in case of circulatory disorders with symptoms such as dizziness, weakness as well as feeling dazed, nervous heart problems and leg cramps. Size: 20ml
Damiana complex (for sexual disorders) Indicated for according to homeopathic principles,for treatment of impotency, low sexual function, weakness low energy level, depression, poor sexual vitality debility, nervous weakness. Size: 20ml
Lymph (lymph drops) Indicated for lymphoedema, lymph congestion, lymph node swelling. Size: 20ml
Okoubaka D4 (drops against food poisoning) Indicated for prophylaxis and therapy of food intolerance, diarrhea and stomach pains after consumption of germ-infested food. Size: 20ml
Psorinum complex (insect repellent) Indicated for repellent against all kind of mosquitoes/biting midges, avoids affection of ticks and ecto parasites like scabies, mites, lice. Size: 20ml
Rheusan (homeopathic rheumatic drops) Indicated for according to homeopathic principle in case of chronic and subacute rheumatism, rheumatism of joints and muscles, gout neuralgia. Size: 20ml
Syzygium complex (supportive homeopathic diabetes treatment) Indicated for Supportive treatment of adult- onset diabetes (type2) with disturbances of health involved such as general weakness, excessive thirst and frequent urination. Size: 20ml
TussEx (cough drops) Indication:according to homeopathic principles, in case of acute inflammation of the respiratory tract, bronchitis, irritable and spasmodis cough. Size:20ml,  MRP:120


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Bioforce AG Switzerland – Homeopathic Medicine List (Blooume 1-79)

Bioforce AG Switzerland products are available in India through Holistic Remedies Pvt. Ltd by its brand identity Blooume.  The name Blooume originated from Switzerland which in Swiss-German means flower. This name was chosen since most of the homeopathic medicines are made out of extracts of flower and plants.

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Bioforce, Blooume Medicine List (with Old names)

Blooume 1 Arthritisan For Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Tenderness or pain in joints
Blooume 2 Asthmasan For bronchial asthma, allergic asthma. Cough associated with asthma.
Blooume 3 Bakosan For backache, muscular pains and sprains.
Blooume 4 Bio-hair For relief from thinning of hair, hair falling, adds luster to hair and promotes healthy hair growth.
Blooume 5 Biorrhoea For Diarrhoea due to Indigestion with gas And Slight Pain.
Blooume 6 Biotussin For coughs with or without catarrh, for acute and chronic bronchitis.
Blooume 7 Circulaforce Blood Circulation, A heat tonic useful in cases of ischaemic heart disease.
Blooume 8 Clerskin For skin with pimples, pimply eruptions and for dark circles under the eyes
Blooume 9 Cystosan For painful, insufficient or frequent urination, mild diuretic action.
Blooume 10 Dermasan For skin diseases like psoriasis, scaly eczema, allergic eczema, eczema with moist secretions and cracks, eczema of the scalp.
Blooume 11 Diabo X For Diabetes (sugar control)
Blooume 12 Digestisan For hyper acidity,reduces constipation, indigestion and flatulence
Blooume 13 Fatosan Obesity, Helps in weight loss and to stay trim.
Blooume 14 Fever Care Drops For fever associated with flu, body ache and headaches.
Blooume 15 Fiebrisan For Tonsillitis, mouth and throat infection.
Blooume 16 Gro-T Increases height in growing children
Blooume 17 Heart Care Gold Drops A Heart Tonic A heart tonic maintaining heart functions to strengthen a weak heart.
Blooume 18 Hemosan For symptoms associated with Piles.
Blooume 19 Heptasan For Liver Disorder
Blooume 20 Immunoforce A general tonic. Stimulates and builds general immunity.
Blooume 21 Influaforce For prevention and treatment of influenza.
Blooume 22 Memorisan For improving concentration and memory without any side effects.
Blooume 23 Menosan Menopause
Blooume 24 Menstrusan For absence of Menstruation , insufficient flow, painful.
Blooume 25 Migrainosan For Migraine headache, neuralgic pains, one sided.
Blooume 26 Nervosan An Anti-Stress medicine. For nervousness, Insomnia, nervous exhaustion and neurasthenia.
Blooume 27 Pollinosan For Hay fever, acute and chronic allergic rhinitis, skin allergies. Non-sedating.
Blooume 28 Prosan For the discomfort caused by prostate enlargement, inflammation of the bladder and relief from dribbling of urine and discomfort while passing urine.
Blooume 29 Rheumasan For relief from pains in muscles around smaller joints, gout, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the smaller joints, neuralgia and sciatica.
Blooume 30 Rhinitisan for acute and chronic colds.
Blooume 31 Sinusan For inflammatory colds of the upper respiratory tract, sinusitis, rhinitis, irritation of the nasal passages, bronchial catarrh.
Blooume 32 Varicose Vein For Improving venous circulation, Relieves cramps, pains and heaviness in the legs.
Blooume 33 Viryagro For loss of Erectile power and Premature Ejaculation
Blooume 34 Weightosan Used to Gain Weight, Helps in increasing appetite.
Blooume 35 Constiposan For symptoms associated with Constipation
Blooume 36 Gastronol For acid Indigestion, retrosternal burning, acid eructation, bloating.
Blooume 37 Tonsisan For relief from symptoms of acute tonsillitis like pain in throat, difficulty in swallowing.
Blooume 38 Urticalcin Calcium Deficiency, for osteoporosis
Blooume 39 Bio Koff Acute And Chronic Cough.
Blooume 40 Go-Go Balm Pain Reliever In Headaches, Backaches, Sprains, Tenderness & Injuries to Muscle
Blooume 41 Bio Liv Liver Disorders and Jaundice
Blooume 42 Enurosan For Bed Wetting in Children (nocturnal enuresis)
Blooume 43 Hyperosan For mild Hypertension
Blooume 44 Milkosan Increases Quantity and Quality of Milk in Nursing Mother
Blooume 45 Wormosan Worms
Blooume 46 Ashokasan Tonic Used for reducing intensity of bleeding in women
Blooume 47 Bio Alfa Tonic Toning Up the Appetite and Improving Digestion
Blooume 48 Five Phos Tonic Acts as a regenerative Tonic in acute and Chronic Illness
Blooume 49 Fe-tone (an Iron Tonic) A general Iron tonic useful in increasing Hemoglobin
Blooume 50 Calendula Special Gel Antiseptic in cases of Cuts and Wounds
Blooume 51 Arnica Salbe Gel Black And Blue Echymosis, Sprains & Traumatic Condition
Blooume 52 Arthritisan Salbe Gel for Arthritic Inflammation and Pain in Joints
Blooume 53 Calendula Salbe Gel Used As Antiseptic in cases of Cuts and Wounds
Blooume 54 Rheumasan Salbe Gel Rheumatism with Swelling, Pain & Stiffness of Joints & Back
Blooume 55 Clerskin Oint. All types of Pimples & Dark Circles under the Eyes
Blooume 56 Calendula Special Salbe Used As Antiseptic in cases of Cuts and Wounds
Blooume 57 Echinacea Special Salbe Recurrent Boils and Old Ulcers
Blooume 58 Abscess Salbe Boils and Abscess
Blooume 59 Antiseptic Salbe Used as an Antiseptic Ointment
Blooume 60 Apis Salbe Urticaria
Blooume 61 Arnica Salbe Black and Blue Echymosis Sprains and Traumatic Conditions
Blooume 62 Arthritisan Salbe Arthritic Inflammation and Pain In Joints
Blooume 63 Bakosan Salbe Backache
Blooume 64 Calendula Salbe Used as Antiseptic in cases of Cuts and Wounds
Blooume 65 Cantharis Salbe First Degree Burns
Blooume 66 Corns Salbe Corns
Blooume 67 Echinacea Salbe Recurrent Boils and Old Ulcers
Blooume 68 Fissures Salbe Fissures
Blooume 69 Graphites Salbe Eczema and Dermatitis
Blooume 70 Leucode Salbe Leucoderma (loss of skin color in patches, another form of vitiligo)
Blooume 72 Piles Salbe for Internal and external Piles with Burning, Itching and Bleeding
Blooume 73 Rheumasan Salbe Rheumatism with Swelling. Pain & Stiffness of Joints & Backache
Blooume 74 Rhus Tox Salbe Painful Joints and Muscles
Blooume 75 Sulphur Salbe for Dry, Scaly, Suppurating, Burning and Exfoliating Skin Problems
Blooume 76 Thuja Salbe Warts Corns and Fungus Ulcers
Blooume 77 Warts Salbe For all Types of Warts
Blooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil Non Sticky, Non Greasy Hair Oil for Daily Use. Controls Hair Fall, Increases Hair Growth & Increases Blood Circulation
Blooume 79 Bioalfa Malt Helps in Increasing body weight in underweight Patients.