Cantharis for UTI and other doctor identified homeopathy remedies

Cantharis for UTI in homeopathy

Cantharis is considered a prime UTI homeopathyremedy along with Uva ursi and Petroselinum. Know why a doctor recommends the 3 remedies in UVA mixture below

Is cantharis good for UTI? Yes, because the most prominent action of this medicine as per materia medica is seen on urinary organs. This medicine is particularly suitable for people suffering from certain urinary problems and kidney affections. It is extensively used to manage urinary tract infections (UTI) cases. The main indication for using it is pain and burning before, during and after urination. Pain can be a cutting type. This person feels a constant, ineffectual urge to pass urine.

How to use cantharis for UTI? You can use the single remedy in desired potency as advised by your doctor. Or you can look at the prescription of Dr. Kirti who advises two combinations for UTI. For urine infection, he recommends UVA mixture (4 units of 30ml mother tinctures) whereas for Urinary tract infection he advises 5 medicines, 3 dilutions of 30 ml each, one German patent drops (22ml), one mother tincture (30ml). Know more with indication and dosage below

Is Cantharis for UTI safe?
This homeopathic medicine is derived from Spanish fly and obtained through the process of potentization which arouses medicinal properties of the crude substance in it. Since it is in a very dilute form, it is safe for both children and adults.

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