Bryonia Alba Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M

Adel Bryonia Alba Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M

Bryonia alba homoeopathic medicine is derived from a plant called White Bryony also known as Wild Hops
Some of the major complaints treated by it are constipation stomach pain, headache, dry mouth, joint pain, back pain and cough.
Patient profile – Bryonia patient is tall, lean people having gouty or rheumatic diathesis i.e. tendency to suffer from joint pains. It suits patients with respiratory problems and gastric troubles including constipation and stomach pain

Important medicines used in acute cases characterised by stitching pain, dryness of mucous membranes
Dr Rashmi R Shukla recommends Bryonia ब्रायोनिया एल्बा for constipation, pleurisy (chest stitching pain), arthritis, fever from change of weather. She says this medicine has an effect on Mucous membranes, Serous and synovial membranes of the body
Dr Ritu Jain recommends says it is a right sided medicines Bryonia alba for dryness of mouth, lips, with hard stools. Inflammation of joints
Dr Vikas Sharma recommends for
pain in the forehead and back of head (occiput), feeling of heaviness in the head
vertigo appears on slightest motion, on rising and stooping.
dry mouth and dry lips
Gastro intestinal action – treats constipation, stomach pain and nausea, vomiting
enlargement of liver and inflammation of liver.
Cases of joint pain from gout (high uric acid), arthritis (inflamed joints), injured joints and sprains
helpful for treatment of cough, pneumonia and pleurisy
inflammation of breast (mastitis)
dry, burning heat and body aches with fever
Dr Gopi recommends
Bryonia Alba 30- Stitching pain in the chest, worse on any motion and better by rest and cold things. Dry pleuris
Bryonia 30 is very effective for constipation when stool is highly dry, large and excessively hard
Bryonia Alba 30 is of great help in treatment of Osteoarthritis of knee joint where the pain in the knee joint gets worse by walking and the patient feels better by taking absolute rest.

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