Buy Boiron Pulsatilla 30c, 200c Homeopathy Pillules, Multi Dose

Boiron Pulsatilla 30c, 200c Homeopathy Pills for earache, cold with yellow discharge, indigestion, toothache,

Boiron Pillule Name Boiron Pulsatilla 30c, 200c Pillules
Features of Boiron Medicines Manufacturing: To master the entire manufacturing process, Boiron decided to carry out the production of granules and globules – specific to homeopathic medicines.
Boiron used a patented process for this purpose since 1972. Boiron’s granules and globules contain 85% sucrose and 15% lactose. The presence of lactose boosts the quality of our medicines since it enables:
• An increased porosity of the granules and globules
• An improved distribution and retention of the homeopathic dilution.
The same expertise is applied to other medicine formats which they produce such as ointments, tablets, eye drops etc.
Thanks to the pellet dispenser, the Boiron tubes, designed specifically for their medicines, provides patients with easy-of-use, guaranteed delivery of the right dose. Quality: Boiron homeopathy medicines are subject to 4000 analysis each year with involves liquid chromatography, spectrophotometry, atomic absorption spectrometry. Bacterial tests (around 23000 procedures) on raw materials. Botanical controls (around 3000) on raw materials. They are inspected by French National agency for medicine & Health products safety (ANSM).
Indications Boiron Pulsatilla 30c, 200c Pillules is indicated in colds with thick, yellow discharge. Earache: Otalgia, worse at night. Tinkling in; hard hearing; otalgia which comes and goes, the pain is sometimes better and sometimes worse, may be accompanied by high fever, etc.; discharge from, one or both, which may come on after measles or any other disease, or may occur spontaneously; hardness of hearing as though the ears were stopped up. , Cold: Old catarrh; often find a profuse discharge of greenish mucus every morning, in mild, pleasant persons; catarrh of, accompanied by special discomfort in the house, can’t breath well in a warm room, and experiences great relief by going out into the open air. , Indigestion: Thirstlessness with nearly all complaints; gastric difficulties from eating rich food, cake, pastry, especially after pork or sausage; the sight or even the thought of port causes disgust; “bad taste” in the morning. Great dryness of mouth in the morning, without thirst. “All-gone” sensation in stomach, in tea drinkers especially. Diarrhoea: only, or usually at night, watery, greenish-yellow, very changeable; soon as they eat; from fruit, cold food or drinks, ice-cream. Flatus very fetid, sometimes obstructed, causing much pain., Toothache: Toothache: relieved by holding cold water in the mouth; worse from warm things and heat of room. Offensive odor from mouth.
Composition Pulsatilla, Lactose, Sucrose.
Price Size: 4gm, Price: Rs.150
Dosage Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a doctor.

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