Blooume 45 Wormosan Syrup, Homeopathy Medicine for Worms

Blooume 45 Wormosan Syrup, Homeopathy Medicine for Worms

Blooume 45 Wormosan Syrup is indicated for reducing intensity of symptoms associated with worms. Homeopathy medicine for deworming, vermifuge action from Swiss formula

Ingredients: Blooume 45 Wormosan Syrup contains Aesculus Hippocastanum Q, Calcarea Carbonica 4x, Cina 4x, Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum 3x, Filix Mas Q.

Action of individual ingredients in Blooume 45 Wormosan Syrup:
Aesculus Hippocastanum Q: Helps in expulsion of worms.
Calcarea Carbonica 4x: Used in cases where infestation of worms is due to eating chalk,nud, etc.
Cina 4x: When due to worms symptoms like irritability,variable appetite and grinding of teeth in children are present.
Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum 3x: Useful in irradicating tapeworms.
Filix Mas Q: Used in cases of tapeworm. Teucrium Marum Virum: Due to worms, child itches the nose all the time and itching in the night.

Dosage: Adults: one tablespoon, 3-4 times daily. Children: half the adult dose. Or as directed
by the physician.

Size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Holistic remedies in collaboration with Bioforce A.g Switzerland

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