Buy BHP Arni Rhus Liniment for Aches and Pains, Sprains, Swelling

BHP Arni Rhus Liniment -Useful in Aches and Pains, Sprains, Swelling etc

BHP Arni Rhus Liniment is indicated for invaluable external application remedy of great action. It soothes pains and sprains alike. Sore and aching muscles experience the motherly touch with this marvelous agent and pain reliever. Two leader remedies of great value arnica and rhus tos are combined to make it a valuable remedy of comfort to the tried and strained nerves and muscles.

Main indications of BHP Arni Rhus Liniment are
• Sciatica,
• Back ache,
• Joint pains and swelling,
• Stiffness,
• Trauma etc.

Mode of action of individual action in BHP Arni Rhus Liniment
Arnica Mont: Traumatic remedy par excellence. Trauma in all its varieties – mental or physical and their effects recent or remote. Sore, lame, bruised feeling all over body as if beaten. Sore pain when touched. Very much oversensitive to pain. Ascending type of rheumatism.
Rhus Tox: Muscular Rheumatism and Arthritis. Sciatica, left side. Great rigidity, stiffness, numbness and pain are experienced on first motion, after the rest.
Bryonia alb: Indicated for Joints swollen, hot and red. Pains are tearing and worse by rubbing.

B.H.P Arni-Rhus Liniment Contains:
• Arnica Mont,
• Rhus Tox,
• Bryonia alb,
• Eucalytus G,
• Oleum terebinth and
• camphor in liniment base.

Application: Apply the B.H.P Arni-Rhus Liniment with gentle massage on the affected parts twice daily if necessary with gentle fomentation.

Presentation: Bottle of 60ml

Manufacturer: Bangalore homoeo pharmacy

RATE/PRICE: Rs.50 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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