Bhargava Homoeogesic Tablets – Antipyretic and Analgesic

Bhargava Homoeogesic Tablets - Antipyretic and Analgesic

Bhargava Homoeogesic Tablets
• Lowers body temperature
• Relieves headache & restlessness due to fever
• Relieves muscular & rheumatic pain in joints, neck, back & extremities.

An analgesic is a medicine that relieves pain. These drugs can be sold as an over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription drug. These are anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and paracetamol. Most anti-inflammatory drugs also have the ability to relieve fever and antiplatelet (anti-clotting) properties. Regular analgesic medicine may cause side effects like Constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth, skin rashes etc. Homeopathic analgesic medicines are free of such undesired effects

Each Tablet contains:
• Belladonna 3X 25.0mg
• Caffeine 3X 25.0mg
• Eupatorium perfoliatum 3X 20.0mg
• Rhododendron chrysanthum 6X 20.0mg
• Rhus toxicodendron 3X 25.0mg
• Ruta graveolens 3X 20.0mg
• Salicylic acid 6X 50.0mg In Sugar of Milk Base (Lactose).

Dosage: Children: 1 tablet, Adult: 2 Tablets thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Presentation: 60 Tablets

Manufacturer: Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd

Storage: Store in cool and dry place

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