Best homeopathic medicines for pimples, acne

best homeopathic medicine for pimples

Best homeopathic medicines for pimples have the following qualities

  • they exert anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, and comedolytic activities
  • arrests abnormal follicular epithelial hyperproliferation, reduces follicular plugging and reduces microcomedones
  • inhibit the growth of P. acne and reduce inflammation.
  • specific medicines act as a comedolytic agent,
  • they do not induce induce irritant dermatitis, free of other side effects like Gastrointestinal upset and vaginal candidiasis

Acne appears in different body location for different causes yet mainstream treatment is ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of approach. Homeopathy offers symptom specific remedies and goes to the root of medical conditions that cause acne. When stubborn acne wont clear with regular treatment, homeopathy provides a safer alternative that better understands the pathogenesis of acne.Dr.P.S Gopi, a homeopathic researcher and practitioner has identified specific remedies based on this approach below. Know the medicine by indications with explaination, dosage and more

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