Baksons Arnica Montana Hair Oil for Hair fall, Dandruff control

Baksons Arnica Montana Hair Oil

Baksons Arnica montana hair oil an unmatched hair tonic for that extra sheen and longevity. Regular use stimulates circulation, consolidates hair roots and prevents their premature fall. Nourishes scalp and controls dandruff by limiting sebum production.

Arnica Montana Oil improves hair-health by providing nourishment, it nourishes your hair cells and helps in the growth of the hair, prevent the formation of split ends of the hair,

Shields hair from UV damage & rejuvenates them. No artificial colours are used in the oil so as to preserve the texture and natural colour of hair. Herbal constituents make it safe for use in children.

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Ingredients:Baksons Arnica Montana Hair Oil Contains: extracts of Arnica montana, oil base.

Application:Apply to hair and scalp with gentle massage. Use regularly for best results.


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