B H P Arnicated Hair Oil with Jaborandi

B H P Arnicated Hair Oil with Jaborandi

B.H.P Arnicated Hair Oil is a most effective hair tonic. It makes hair healthy, revitalizes hair roots. accelerates hair growth, stops hair loss, removes dandruff and checks premature graying.

Bangalore homoeo pharmacy are engaged in offering a wide range of Homeopathic Hair Oil. These are widely used owing to its high effectiveness and quick and fast treatment. B H P Arnicated Hair Oil products is processed using Coconut Oil and Jaborandi, Cantharis, Arnica Mont and Lycopodium. These stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, eliminate dandruff, and regulate premature greying of hair.

The natural goodness of Coconut oil is preserved by a special process and the addition of Jaborandi which acts as a powerful glandular stimulant makes our Arnicated hair oil an excellent product. Arnica Mont, Cantharis and Lycopodium are proven remedies in scalp conditions. This unique combination results in improved blood flow to hair follicles and enhanced functioning of sebaceous glands. Regular use gives glossy finish to hair and keeps cool.

Ingredients: B.H.P Arnicated Hair Oil Contains: Arnica Mont, Cantharis, Jaborandi and Lycopodium in gently perfumed oil base.

Application: Rub the B.H.P Arnicated Hair Oil into scalp with finger tips gently moving the scalp also in the process.

Presentation: 100 ml and 400ml

Manufacturer: Bangalore homoeo pharmacy

RATE/PRICE: Rs.70 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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