Asafoetida 1

Asafoetida homeopathy pellets

This medicine is prepared from gum resin of the living root of plant Gum of the Stinkasand. This plant belongs to the family umbelliferae. This medicine carries a great ability to reestablish milk flow in cases where it has dried up
For Galactorrhea with Congested breast – This is a very helpful medicine when there is milk secretion in a non pregnant woman. Along with this the breasts are congested and distended.
when pain in side of head is prominent, I.e. temporal region is marked with a pushing out sensation. Boring type of pain is also present behind the ear. Ear discharges having offensive smell
preventing further destruction of nasal bones. In cases needing it, there is offensive discharge from the nose. Pressure sensation in the nose is also there.
treating excessive gas in the abdomen accompanied by loud burping. The gas tends to push upwards, and loud burps appear forcibly with difficulty. The burps have a foul smell

Asafoetida 30 can be used in those cases where the long bones involved are sensitive to an extreme level. The pains may be throbbing in nature. Bone Pains due to bone necrosis or caries where sensitivity is marked
Asafoetida 30 is best for atrophic rhinitis with offensive discharge from the nose. Syphilitic ozaena with very purulent offensive discharge. Decay of nasal bones.
Asafoetida 30 is also a very effective remedy for IBS. There is a feeling of
constriction in all directions, especially if muscular contractions in the intestines and oesophagus seem to be moving in the wrong direction strongly indicates this medicine.

Dr Kirti says asafoetida effective for gas and Acidity
Dr Pranjali recommends Asafoetida for IBS

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