Buy Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm – Ideal Homeopathic Pain Reliever

Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm - An Ideal Homeopathic Pain Reliever

Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm is an ideal homeopathic pain reliever.

Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm is an excellent pain balm for various muscular disorders or neuralgic pains, Backache, Headache, Lumbago, Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis, Gout, Sprain of limbs with swelling and redness, Rheumatism.

Allen Homoeo and Herbal Products Limited is the front runner in Indian Homoeopathic Industry with 35 Years of experience in manufacturing world- class medicines. For over three decades, millions of Indians have benefited using our medicines. Allens Medicines are safe and do not have any side effects or contraindications. They are very effective for adults and children as well.

Each 5 gms.of Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm Contains:
• Mentha piperita 1x,0.200 gm
• Camphora 1x 0.125 mg
• Thymolum 1x 0.050 mg
• Eucalyptus globules Oil,0.050 mg.
• Arnica montana Oil,0.025 mg.
• Rhus toxicodendron Oil 0.025 mg.
• Gaultheria procumbens Oil,0.025 mg.
• Petroleum Jelly & Paraffins.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm
Mentha piperita: Headaches, nerve pain, toothaches, inflammation of the joints, and general body aches and muscle pain are all relieved by the use of Peppermint. The main ingredient in Peppermint, Menthol, creates a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. As a result it can temporarily reduce minor levels of pain associated with athletic injuries, overuse or muscle pain.
Camphor: A good pain remedy. Pains felt as cold and painful.
Thymolum: Tired, aching throughout lumbar region.
Eucalyptus globulus Oil: The volatile eucalyptus oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. Therefore it is often recommended to patients suffering from rheumatism, lumbago, sprained ligaments and tendons, stiff muscles, aches, fibrosis and even nerve pain.
Arnica montana Oil: An excellent remedy to be considered for external application in many kinds of pain, especially sprains and strains with sore, lame and bruised feeling.
Rhus toxicodendron Oil: Pains – as if sprained, as if a muscle or tendon was torn from it’s attachment, as if bones were scraped with a knife, affected part sore to touch.
Gaultheria procumbens Oil: Inflammatory Rheumatism. Pleurodynia, sciatica and neurlgias.

Side effects: No side effects of Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm are known

Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm are known. Further products do not interfere with any other medication.

Application: Apply sufficient quantity of Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm on affected parts and gently massage.

Presentation: 12 gms

Manufacturer: Allen Homoeo & Herbals Products Ltd.Hyderabad

RATE/PRICE: Rs.45 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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