Allen Brenup Brain Tonic with Anacardium, Kali Phos

Allens Brenup Brain Tonic for adults and children, Memory Booster, Improves concentration anacardium Ori

Brenup is a homeopathic brain tonic for adults and children. Brenup acts as a ideal tonic in states of tiredness, nervous exhaustion, loss of memory, forgetfulness, lack of confidence and absent mindedness.

Brenup brain tonic acts to curb, restlessness, sleeplessness due to over work, worry and anxity, weakening of all senses, anxious dreams, vertigo, fear of examinations in students commonly known as examination-funk. Helps to build and body, tones and tunes up the memory and intellent.

Ingredients: Each 5ml of Brenup brain tonic Contains: Avena sativa HPI 0.15ml, Alfalfa HPI 0.20ml, Acid phosphoricum HPI 0.25ml, Anacardium orientalis HPI 6x 0.03ml, Hali phosphoricum HPI 3x 200mg, Passiflora incarnata HPI 0.05ml, Melilotus officinalis HPI 0.05ml, Cinchona Officinalis HPI 0.20ml, withania somnifera HPI 0.05ml, Sarsaparilla HPI 0.15ml, Sarsaparilla HPI 0.05ml, Damiana HPI 6x 0.05ml, Syrup Caramel colour q.s Alcohol 12% v/v.

Mode of actions of individual items in Brenup brain tonic
Avena sativa: Acts on brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their nutritive functions.
Alfalfa: Tones up the appetite and digestion resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigour,with gain in weight.
Acid phos: Imparied memory. Indifferent, difficult comprehension. Indicated and physical debility of the young people.
Anacardium orientalis: Indicated in impaired memory, depression, fear of examination in students. Aversions to work, lacks self-confidence. Fixed ideas hallucinations. Brain fag, absent mindedness.
Kali phos: One of the greatest nerve remedies and key ingredient in Brenup brain tonic. Mental and physical depression are wonderfully improved by this remedy including Brain-fag, loss of memory.
Passiflora inc: Insomnia, produces normal sleep. Melilotus off: Unable to fix mind delusions. Cinchona off: Ideas crowd in mind. Withania somnifera, Sarsafarilla and damiana: Act as stimulant and tonic.

: 1 tsp twice daily or as directed by your physician

Manufactured by: Allen Laboratories Kolkata

Size: 60ML/250ML

Rate:Rs.65/190 (10% OFF)

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