Omeo Alfa Ginseng Medicated Syrup. Homeopathy Blood builder medicine

Homeopathy Blood builder medicine, Omeo Alfa Ginseng medicated Syrup

Omeo Alfa Ginseng medicated Syrup is formulated to build the blood, and help maintain healthy red blood cells. It delivers nutrients to maintain healthy red blood cells and iron levels in the blood. it is is an iron-support supplement that naturally combats fatigue and helps improves energy levels. A top revitalizer and a homoeopathic speciality product for strength & stamina

When there is lack of iron in the body, its ability to create normal red blood cells declines, and therefore shortage of oxygen-carrying army of red blood cells. This causes less oxygen supply to the muscles, which can lead to feelings of weakness, fatigue, and a tendency to get cold faster

Blood Builder Natural Medicine: You need a nutrient rich food that is rich in Iron, Folate and Vitamins (A, C,K, B6) that promote rich, healthy and stronger blood. Alfalfa contains all these, a serving of 33 grams of Alfalfa contains Folate (11.9 mcg), Vit A (51.1 IU), Vit C (2.7 mg), Vit K (10.1mcg), Iron (0.3 mg) alongwith Magnesium (8.9 mg), Phosphorous (23.1 mg), Potassium (26.1 mg). Regular intake of Alfalfa tonic increases blood count and keeps it healthy that is necessary to build health and gain weight

Action of Omeo Alfa & Ginseng:
Tones up appetite & digestion
Improves mental & physical vigour
Increases muscular strength & resistance to fatigue
Has a favorable influence upon the nutritive condition & especially upon the blood, hence it is used in anaemia, convalescence, neurasthenia & insomnia Increases the number of red blood corpuscles & amount of haemoglobin Eliminates products of disassimilation, particularly urea

• Weakness
• Mental exhaustion
• Emaciation & prostration
• Nervous tremors
• Anaemia
• Sleeplessness
• Debility after exhausting diseases
• Loss of appetite
• Convalescence (recovery from illness & major surgery)
• Poor digestion

Composition of Omeo Alfa Ginseng medicated Syrup
• Avena sativa Ø (5.0%v/v),
• China officinalis 2x (0.5%v/v),
• Ginseng Ø (0.5%v/v),
• Hydrastis Canadensis Ø (0.5%v/v),
• Alfalfa Ø (5.0%v/v),
• Acidum formicum 4x (0.5%v/v),
• Lecithin 2x (1.0%v/v),
• Janosia ashoka 2x (0.5%v/v),
• Manganum aceticum 2x (0.5%w/v),

Excipients q.s., Alcohol content 10.0%v/v. Colour: Caramel

Dosage: Adults and >12 years old -2 teaspoons of Bjain Omeo Alfa And Ginseng Medicated Syrup, 3 times a day. Children <12years old-1 teaspoon, 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician. To be taken 10 minutes before or after meals or as recommended by the physician. Caution:Consult your homeopathic physicain if symptoms persist or worsen. Consult your homeopathic physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Presentation: 60ML, 100ML

Manufacturer: B. Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

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