Agom Stambhana Gutika & Subala Tailark Combo

Agom Stambhana Gutika & Subala Tailark Combo

About Agom Stambhana Gutika & Subala Tailark 

Agom Stambhana Gutika is a Treatment in Ayurveda for Wet Dreams. 

Agom Subala Tailark is a best muscle toner, can be used for loose breast.


Agom Stambhana Gutika contains: Kadumimba (Azadiracta indica) 3X Shevari (Bombox mulabaricum) 3X, Vad Ficus bengalensis 3X.

Agom Subala Tailark contains: Prunus amygdalus 3x; Ficus bengelensis 3x; Cynodon dactylon 3x


Agom Stambhana Gutika Dosage: Take four pills twice daily regularly. Use Subala Oil for massage to supplement the treatment.

Agom Subala Tailark Application: Shake well and mix it with 100 -150 ml of coconut oil. 


30ml Oil & 25gm Pills

MRP: 200/- Buy Online

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