Agom Shama Tailark – Herbal Medicine for Acidity

Agom Shama Tailark - Herbal Medicine for Acidity

Agom Shama Tailark is a Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity and Burning pain in stomach. It is also useful Doshi fever, kadki, Measles, chickenpox, Jaundice, pitta-vikar, Jerrnajwar and Urine Troubles.

Agom Shama Tailark Contains
Tinospora cordifolia 3x; Eclipta alba 3x; Ficus glomerata 3x.

Mode of action of individual ingredients
Tinospora cordifolia 3x: Tinospora cordifolia 3x is quite effective for gastro-intestinal disorders like dyspepsia, acid dyspepsia, gastritis, etc.
Eclipta alba: Eclipta alba can be taken orally to treat an upset stomach. It has been used successfully to treat common digestive complaints like constipation and indigestion.
Ficus racemosa: Ficus racemosa popularly known as the cluster fig tree. A herbal remedy for excessive appetite also used extensively in the treatment of biliary disorders, jaundice, dysentery.

Agom Shama Tailark Dosage: Shake the bottle well and mix it with coconut oil 100 to 150 grams as per severity of pains. Shake the bottle for 5 minutes before use.

Agom Shama Tailark Presentation: 30ml

MRP: 100/- (Buy online at best price).

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