Agom Krishnakesha Gutika & Tailark Combo

Agom Krishnakesha Gutika & Tailark Combo

Agom Krishnakesha Gutika & Tailark is a Herbal medicine for Maintaining natural hair shade.

Agom Krishnakesha Gutika & Tailark Contains
Eclipta alba 3x; Embilica offcinalis 3x; Lawsonia Inermis 3x; Centella asiatica 3x;

Mode of action of individual ingredients
Eclipta alba: Eclipta alba is also known as Bhringraj powerful liver cleanser, and is especially good for the hair. It helps to prevent hair fall, premature graying of hair and split ends. It helps in strengthening hair roots, promotes hair growth and good for overall hair care. Simple paste of bhringraj leaves are used in baldness
Emblica officinalis: Emblica officinalis is also known as Amla, its berry is high in antioxidants also contains calcium, which promotes healthier bone growth inclusive of nails and hair. It fight hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and prevent prematurely gray hair. Amla oil will help moisturize the scalp and keep dandruff at bay.
Lawsonia inermis: Lawsonia inermis also known as heena. Has antimicrobial, anthelminthic ( destroy parasitic worms), antifungal, antioxidant and anticancer properties. Relieve baldness, enrich, color and enhance hair. Henna is a powerful and natural hair conditioner.
Centella asiatica: Centella asiatica, commonly known as centella and gotu kola. Acts as a fortifying agent that nourishes hair follicles and scalp and priming it for a healthy hair growth. Helps in improving blood circulation, allows proper flow of oxygen and nutrients to scalp. Has antispasmodic (relieve spasm of involuntary muscle), antipyretic (prevent or reduce fever) properties.

Agom Krishnakesha Gutika & Tailark Dosage
Pills Dosage: Normally 4 pills twice a day are to be taken. Results can be seen within 6-24 months depending on age; Severity of the problem. After getting results dose should be reduced to 2 pills daily. Tailark Krishnakesha must be applied along with these pills.

Oil Application: Mix 10 ml of Tailark with 110 ml of coconut oil. Shake well before use. Apply oil to the scalp at bed time. It may take 6 months to two years of time to get results. Oil treatment must be supported by Gutika Krishnakesha.

30ml Oil & 25gm Pills

MRP: 200/- Buy Online at best price.

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