Agom Gavambu Gutika – Gomutra Pills

Agom Gavambu Gutika - Gomutra Pills

Agom Gavambu Gutika Gomutra pills is beneficial in all kind of diseases. Its useful for heart diseases, high blood pressure, effective in mental illnesses, a liver cleanser, blood purifier, and as digestive aid.

Agom Gavambu Gutika Contains
Agom Gavambu Gutika Contains: Gomutra 3x (Cow’s urine)

Mode of action of individual ingredient
Gomutra 3x: Gomutra or gaumutra is urine from cows used for therapeutic purposes in traditional Indian medicine. Helpful in the treatment of leprosy, abdominal colic, stomach pain, bloating & cancer. Has anti-microbial, antibiotic and anti fungal properties.

Agom Gavambu Gutika Dosage
Two pills thrice daily.

Presentation: 25gm

MRP: 100/- Buy Online at best price

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