Agom Ashmari gutika – Herbal Medicine for Urinary Problems

Agom Ashmari gutika - Herbal Medicine for Urinary Problems

About Agom Ashmari gutika

Agom Ashmari gutika is a Ayurvedic Medicine for Urinary Problems. The key herbs in Agom Ashmari gutika are derived from the following ingredients to treat Urinary Problems.

Tribulus Terrestris: Supplement also known as Gokshura is widely used as a natural remedy for urinary tract problems.

Berjenia ligulata Leaf juice which is used in urinary troubles.

Boerhavia diffusa: A plant of rasayana category as per ayurvedic claims possess anti aging, disease prevention & life strengthening activities.

Agom Ashmari gutika Contains

Tribulas terrestris 3x; Berjenia ligulata 3x; Boerhavia diffusa 3x; Dolichos bifiorus 3x; Vetiveria zizannioides 3x.

Agom Ashmari gutika Dosage

Dissolve 8-10 pills in one liter of water. The water should be taken throughout day.



MRP: 100/-

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