Agnus Castus

Agnus Castus homeopathy pellets

homeopathic remedy derived from the Chaste tree, also known as chaste berry or vitex, Nirgundi or sephali (in Hindi)
Agnus Castus Nutrients: Alpha pinene, Alpha Terpineol, Alkaloids

Agnus castus 30 is another best remedy for low testosterone with erectile dysfunction. Impotence with genitals cold flaccid and relaxed. Sexual desire almost lost or sexual desire gone. Patient looks very old, premature old age , from loss of sexual power.
Agnus castus 30 is prescribed for old men who have spent most of their lives in excessive venery. These so called old sinners are just excitable in their sexual passions at 60 as at 18, and yet they are physically impotent. The genital organs are cold and relaxed. Seminal emissions without erections. Scanty emissions without ejaculation.
Agnus Castus 30 is the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance in men with complete impotency. The erections are totally absent with relaxed, flaccid genitals. Aversion to sex may also be noted in such cases

s counted among other powerful remedies for sexual problems. The medicine shows a high affinity towards sexual concerns and often works better than any other remedy for impotency, prostatorrhoea in males, and sterility, leucorrhoea, and agalactia in women.

persons tend to produce excessive lymph fluid (physiologically) and are prone to health issues like lymphadenitis, allergies, lung and skin disease and vaginal discharges
indicated for complete impotency. It can be used in cases Impotency is caused by abuse of sexual powers and repeated gonorrhea, aged prematurely, suffer Gonorrhoea
for females is indicated in cases where there is a deficiency or suppression of breast milk (agalactia), leucorrhea
for the passage of gleety discharge with urination in Prostatorrhoea
treats cases where the menses either last from ten to eighteen days, or are suppressed, with drawing pains in the abdomen
Tachycardia (accelerated heart rate) in the neurotic young men after tobacco use.
Tearing pains in the head that feel as if it is filled with thick smoke.
Noisy flatus discharge of urinous odour that remains on the clothes.

Dr Rawat Chaudhary says पुरुषों में कमजोरी की दवा
Dr Hande recommends agnus castus for cold relaxed parts (loss of erection) in males, urethral discharges, seminal emissions with weaknes in young people

Side effects: may cause high BP if taken in high dosage
Avoide use in hormone sensitive consition like schizophrenia or parkinsons
Avoid dueing pregnancy as it may stimulate lactation early
Avoid giving to children less than 18 years age

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