Acne or Pimples on Chin? Get rid with homeopathic remedies

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Did you know? Acne also causes redness, but unlike rosacea, the redness is isolated to the pimple or lump. Acne and rosacea both appear on your face, however acne can show up on your chest, back, shoulders, and buttocks

Acne on your chin and jawline can be traced to hormonal imbalances , particularly in women. Because Hormones are typically responsible for stimulating the production of extra oil on the chin, which can trap skin cells or dirt and bacteria, which causes pimples to form.

As per Dr. K S Gopi “Eugenia jam 30 is effective for simple and indurated acne which is painful. Red pimples and rosy skin on the sides of the nose, chin, and mouth.”

Eugenia Jambolana Herb General
General Name: Black Plum
Botanical Name: Syzygium Cumini
Hindi Name Jamun, Jamoon.

Why Eugenia Jambolana is helpful for Acne or Pimples on Chin?

Plums are a rich source of vitamin C, which helps against inflammation and free radicals in the body. Free radicals, which are molecules unleashed by UV light (sunshine) and air pollution, basically cause all hell to break loose on skin. They destroy collagen, form dark spots (another new discovery), and cause acne on chin, nose. Black plum (Eugenia Jamb) detoxifies and purifies the blood and makes your skin glow from inside. The high index of Vitamin -C blesses you with a blemish free radiant skin

Eugenia Jambolana or Jamun or the black plum improves the number of hemoglobin and the iron present in the fruit acts as a blood purifying agent.

Mix dried, powdered jamun seeds with honey and apply it as a mask on your face and leave it overnight. It considerably reduces pimples, dark spots and pigmentation

To treat Skin Disorders like Boils. apply its seeds blended with oil on the affected portion. It is effective for the treatment of Leucoderma. The paste prepared from its seeds and milk is applied on the face for treating Pimples.

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