Buy A to Z Homoeopathy (Clinical Homoeopathy) – Anton Jayasuriya

A to Z Homoeopathy (Clinical Homoeopathy) - Anton Jayasuriya

A to Z Homoeopathy (Clinical Homoeopathy) book contains detailed description regarding history, philosophy, and principles of homeopathy. The book distinguishes homeopathy from modern system of medicines.

About Book
• Starting from the basic principles, to the method of administration, selection and the dosage of a medicine along with indication of common homeopathic drugs covered under various headings and subheading makes this book interesting to read and simple to remember.
• Offers an extensive introduction to the subject of homeopathy.
• It includes a Materia Medica of about 200 commonly used remedies, a coverage of the five main nosodes, a concise repertory of keynote symptoms and a large therapeutic section.
• It also contains information about the methods of administration of remedies, their doses and potencies.
• This book is a unique composition of not only common homeopathic remedies but also some common nosodes, the bach flower remedies and also 12 tissue remedies.
• This book will undoubtedly be a boon to all homeopathic students and practitioners and will help them to all understand the interface concepts of homeopathy and practice accordingly to serve humanity.
• This book exhibits a rare clarity of thinking and a precise and eclectic approach in explaining the complicated nuances of the difficult subject of Homeopathy.

About the Author
Prof Dr. Anton Jayasuriya has worked diligently for the past 32 years as a Senior Consultant in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation in the Department of Health, Sri Lanka. He is also a Senior Acupuncturist in Sri Lanka. He is best known world-wide as the Chairman of Medicina Alternativa, and as the renowned author on such subjects as: Neurophysiology, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Acupuncture Anesthesia.

Additional Information

Pages 932
Authors Anton Jayasuriya
Format Hard Cover
Language English

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