eyebrow eyelash hair fall homeopathy remedies

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eye brow hairloss causes: A deficiency in zinc, iron, or biotin can make you lose your eyelashes or eyebrows, even thyroid imbalance is linked to eyebrow hair loss. If there is no underlying medical condition, eyebrow hair can grow back normally as per a study published in 1999 (healthline). Homeopathy can be a natural aid for thinning eyebrows.
Dr Umang Khanna recommends Graphites 30 for eye brow hair loss, 2 drops thrice daily for 20-25 days. He says it not only stops hair fall but helps regenerate hair back
Cali Carb is prominently indicated for hair loss from beard, scalp and even eyebrows due to Alopecia Barbae. Dr Vikas S
Aurum Mur is a significant medicine to treat cases where hair fall is present from the beard area as well as scalp. Itching and tickling on the face may attend. Sometimes stitching pain is present in the face. In some cases additional hair fall may also be present from eyebrows.

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