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Acidity, Reflux, Gas, Indigestion? Top Homeopathy Medicines List

Homeopathy remedies for Acidity Cure and other Gastric disorders (GERD medicine list)

Gastric Disorder Type Homeopathy Treatment ( Single Remedies,  Patent Medicines)
1 Homeo natural remedies to cure Flatulence (Fart or Gas) Homeopathic Single remedies for treatment of gas/flatulence are Agaricus mus (fetid flatus, gurgling in abdomen), Aloe soc (bad smelling flatus during stools, Argentum nit (flatulence with swelling of abdomen, belching), Colchicum autum 200 (dyspepsia with gas in stomach), Graphites (fetid gas with colic), Sulphur (flatus smells like rotten eggs or sewage), Lycopodium (gas through vagina)
Flatulence or Gas (wind trouble) is often caused by swallowing air or by the normal breakdown of undigested food like milk, sugar, beans, cabbage which results in accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal. The unpleasant smell from gas  comes from the bacteria in the colon that releases a small amount of Sulfur Homeopathic specialty medicines for flatulence remedy  are Reckeweg R7 Drops, Bakshi B2 Drops, Bakshi B32 Drops, Gastronol Tablets Blooume 36, Bio India Amarin stomach Drops, RSB Gasoff, Minims No 49 Gasin, Wheezal Gastrolex Elixir,  Schwabe Alpha DP Tablets
2 Cure Gastric problems with Homeo remedies Homeopathic Single remedies for treatment of Gastric troubles are Abies Nig (gastric ailments in aged people), Aconitum nap (acute gastritis), antimonium crud (excessive loading of stomach), Arsenicum alb (ulcers), Bismuthum (Gastralgia), Kreosotum (vomiting in gastric carcinoma), Nux vomica (gastric oppression due to alcoholic drinks &; heavy meals)
Homeopathic medicines provide natural remedy for a range of gastric problems like Gastritis (inflammation of the tissues lining the stomach) and Gastroenteritis (inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract or stomach flu) Homeopathic specialty medicines for Gastritis are Reckeweg R5 Drops, Bakson Gastro Aid Tablets, Bakson Gastro Aid SyrupBakson Gastro Aid Tablets Paediatric, Doliosis D90 Gastrodol , RSB Gasin Drops Minims No 49, RS Bhargava Minims No 7 Colin Drops, Schwabe alpha Acid Tablets
Homeopathic specialty medicines for Gastroenteritis are Reckeweg R4 Drops, Schwabe Carduus Marianus Pentarkan Tablets, RS Bhargava Minims No 50 Aversin Drops
3 Homeopathic medication for Indigestion (treatment of dyspepsia) Homeopathic single remedies for treatment of dyspepsia (indigestion) are Abies nig (indigestion with constriction of esophagus), Anacardium ori (indigestion due to stress or cold drinks), Carbo Veg (indigestion with flatulence), Graphites (pain in the pit of stomach after eating), Hepar Sulph (heaviness & bloating even after small meal), Kalium bich (pain, heartburn and heaviness after eating),Pulsatilla nig (indigestion with nausea)
Homeo remedies provide natural relief for the various causes and symptoms associated with Indigestion pain. These are available as over the counter (OTC) medicines and provide effective relief by acting on the inflamed mucosa of the stomach and provide antacid action to put down heart burn, relieve bad taste in mouth. They also treat Acid Reflux which happens when the lower esophageal sphincter is weak or relaxed. Homeopathic specialty indigestion and heartburn medicines are Allen A15 drops, Bakson Dige Aid Syrup, Schwabe Alpha MS Tablets, Digestisan (Blooume 12) Tablets, Schwabe Gastrobin Drops, Medisynth Gasgan Forte DropsMedisynth Gasgan Pills, Doliosis D27 Drops, Allen Gastrin Plus Antacid Tablets , Healwell Gastroheal Pills, Nikir Digesti Pills/Tablet, Lords Dige-Tone for Digestive Disorders, Bahola Gastron, ADEL5 apo-STOM drops, Sarada Acidon Antacid
4 Homeopathic Stomach Pain medicine list Homeopathic single remedies to cure stomach pain are Abies nig (sensation of hardboiled egg at cardiac end of stomach after eating), Ammonium carb (pain in the pit of stomach with heartburn), Argentum nit (ulceration of stomach with radiating pain), Chloralosum (sinking & oppression in stomach), Gaultheria Q ( severe pain in stomach with vomiting), Kalium bich (dialation of stomach & ulceration), Ornithogalum Q ( painful contraction of stomach due to cancer)
Also referred to as tummy trouble, abdominal cramps, stomach upset, stomach ache,belly pain etc, it is a common occurrence that manifests as pain between groin and chest and often short lived . However severe abdominal pain may be treated seriously. Stomach Pain (also called abdominal colic) specialty homeopathy medicine names are as follows; Allen A55 drops, Dr.Wellmans Dige-com, Dr.Bakshi’s B2Drops, Wheezal Stomach drops, Doliosis DS 19 Kinderol, Nikir Jalapa-3x Tablet, Lords L 160 Drop, HC-41 BELLADONNA, DROX 5 COLINEX, Lords Dige-Tone for digestive disorders, Biocombination No.3 of Reckeweg, Schwabe Magnesium Phosphoricum pentarkan (colic during menses), Dr.Bakshi’s B19Drops
5 Stomach Ulcer Homeo remedies Homeopathic single remedies to treat stomach Ulcers Argentum Nit (gastric ulcers), Gernanium Q (reduces vomiting in stomach ulcers), Symphytum off 1M (supports growth of epithelium on ulcerated surface)
Also referred to as peptic ulcers this disease refers to sores in the lining of the stomach leading to abdominal pain and bleeding. Stomach ulcers are caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori or non steroidal anti – inflammatory drugs . Eating pipe bananas is a natural home remedy for treating ulcers. If you are also looking for side effect free medicines, homeopathy gives you a credible choice to treat peptic ulcers Specialty medicine names for Stomach Ulcers (also called peptic ulcers)  are as follows ADEL 16 GASTUL drops , Schwabe Alpha Acid, Bakshi B2 drops, Reckeweg R5 Drops

Natural Tips for Acidity Cure

  1. You have heard about the good old advice from elders – not to lie down for 2-3 hours after meal. This is a good advice because it reduces the chances of having a painful episode (heartburn) and accelerate the healing of damaged stomach tissues. So don’t hit the bed after eating dinner, having early dinner helps food to be completely digestible before you go to bed and reduce acidity
  2. Eat smaller meals, eat slowly and chew thoroughly until the food is almost liquid. Eat raw foods as much as possible (you can make salads containing vegetables, sprouted grains & fruits and supplement it to your regular diet)
  3. Don’t exercise vigorously or lift weight within a couple of hours after food
  4. Do not drink water  while eating  because it dilutes your digestive juices and causes indigestion. Drink water between meals for detoxification and hunger.
  5. Too much of salt or too little in your food leads to heartburn. Also avoid trans fat found in partially hydrogenated oil.  Avoid Pickles (especially those made from fiery red hot chilies) and deep fried foods like onion pakodas.
  6. Cut down on junk carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour. Use herbs and spices in your cooking, they help gut function and overall health in many ways.
  7. Consume little or no water  while taking food, don’t wash your food with too much of liquid. Don’t mix fruits juices, sweet fruits and refined starches with meats and heavy food.
  8.  Probiotic foods contain live bacteria that acts as natural aids to improve your gut environment. Also regenerate the lining of intestinal tract with colostrums ( for best potency choose first collection)
  9. If your doctor has prescribed a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID) you can request a pain reliever that is less harmful to your gastro intestinal tract. Also consider a natural aid for the cause of pain for which NSAID was prescribed
  10. Supplement your diet with multi-vitamin and mineral tablets, they are helpful in replacing what might have been eroded by acid blockers or chronic low acid condition.
  11. Bad Habits – Smoking causes heartburn and lung cancer as well. Quit smoking to improve your GI functions because tobacco decreases the lower esophageal sphincter’s normal ability to function.

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  1. Have been suffering from Hyperacidity and acid reflux for last 20+ years. Tried Gastrobin. It helps. Pl suggest other medicines, both combinations and single remedies. Would be grateful if you could send link of medicines available in India.

  2. Please advise homeeopathy medicines to get relief from constipation after gallbladder stone removal operations.

  3. I am suffering from continued indigestion. During treatment and tests,it was found a gallbladder stone of 12 mm size. I was operated the gallbladder. Now even after one month of the stone removal ,I am still suffering from constipation as I have to use medicines for stool pass. Please advise the homeowner medicines.

    1. The enzymes added by the gallbladder are essential to the proper digestion of fat and this may be affected as Gallstones can block the normal flow of bile. This results in slow digestion which can cause unusually slow passage of waste through the large intestine and lead to chronic constipation. Homeopathic medicines like cholesterinum 3x/6x ( specific remedy for removing gall stone), Fel Tauri 2x or 3x ( increases duodenal secretion, emulsifies fats and increases the action of the intestines, liquefies biles, removes obstruction of the bile duct). Specialty homeopathy medicines for gallstone treatment are indicated here.

      Biocombination #25 & Liver tonic is also advised for toning up digestion and address constipation

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