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‘Hair Loss explained and analysed the homeopathic way’ is a best selling book on the topic of hair loss cure. The author covers male or female pattern baldness treatments and provides useful insights into natural hair loss treatment in homeopathy

The book talks about how to manage and prevent Hair loss. It is a comprehensive and authoritative layman’s guide to hair loss treatments. It details about;
Anatomy and structure of hair.
Reasons for hair fall
Diseases of the Hair you should know
Hair Care methods
Homeopathic therapeutics for Hair Fall

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Get to know all about hair fall treatment from a Gold medalist homeopath which will give you valuable insights into how to stop hair fall immediately and effectively without side effects. This book will serve as a home remedy guide for all those looking for answers to Reverse or Cure Hair Loss naturally without resorting to expensive hair loss treatments at fancy clinics.

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Benefits you get
> Author has over 25 years of experience in the field and is recognized as authority by trichologists
> Awarded certificate of merit by Dr.Michael Lorenz
> Tip and insights from successful stories in hair regrowth cases

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