Adel 5 apo-STOM drops, German Homeopathy for Acidity, Stomach problems

Adel5 apo-STOM Pekana homeopathic medicine for acidity, vomiting, stomach disorders. acidity treatment in homeopathy

Adel 5 apo-STOM drops, homeopathic medicine for acidity and vomiting addresses stomach related problems and works synergistically by regulating parietal cells. Indicated for nausea, including vomiting (hyperemesis), digestive disturbances, gastritis, enteritis (inflammation of intestine) and gastro-enteritis. It addresses the functional impairement of stomach due to psychosomatic stimuli as well as mental & emotional stress

Introduction One in 4 people suffer from diseases related to digestive system like acidity, heartburn, stomach aches, peptic ulcers, gallstones, pancreatitis etc. The associated symptoms occur for long duration and result in productivity loss and poor quality of life.

Acidity is one among the common diseases related to digestive system found in many people that causes heart burn. Acidity is result of inappropriate diet and stress. If this problem is not treated it may lead to peptic ulcers. Factors causing acidity are spicy food consumption, alcohol; smoking etc. symptoms of acidity are loss of appetite, sickness feeling, constipation, indigestion, and discomfort after eating, vomiting, ulcer formation and nausea.Check out our detailed article on Acidity and its Homeopathic treatment

Vomiting and nausea are not diseases related to digestive system but are symptoms of many conditions such as motion sickness, intense pain, food poisoning, emotional stress, infections, ulcers etc. It can be caused due to acute gastritis. Vomiting of blood can be due to peptic ulcers or torn blood vessels that leads to bleeding in your mouth, esophagus, stomach and upper small intestine i.e., upper gastrointestinal tract

About Adel 5 Apo-STOM drops are a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like antimonium crudum, belladonna, colocynthis etc., indicated for their ability to address diseases related to digestive system like vomiting, acidity and stomach problems. It helps to detoxify intestinal and stomach tissues. It treats symptoms like over acidity of stomach, stomach pressure, gastritis, feeling of fullness, burning sensation and nervous sensations. Hyper-acidity is also addressed by regulating parietal cells.

Composition: Adel 5 Apo-STOM drops for diseases related to digestive system contains: Antimonium Crudum 6x, Belladonna 4x, Colocynthis 4x, Colchicum 6x, Natrium Phosphoricum 4x, Nux Vomica 12x, Robinia Pseudacacia 4x, Millefolium 12x.

How the ingredients in Adel 5 apo-STOM drops work Apo-STOM drops is popular for diseases related to digestive system as it has a unique blend of homeopathic remedies for treating broad spectrum of associated symptoms
Antimonium crudum – treats gastritis, loss of appetite and spasm in intestine. It reduces the swelling of spleen and liver that may be due to stomach related dysfunction. It also treats emotional symptoms like fear, lack of confidence etc., that lead to stomach problems.
Belladonna – treats inflammation of stomach and intestines that cause vomiting and diarrhea (gastroenteritis), severe vomiting (hyperemesis), hypersensitivity and cramps. It restores the damaged mucous membranes. It resolves acute intestinal and stomach catarrh (inflammation of mucous membrane) and disruption of the stomach secretions.
Colocynthis – treats severe pain in abdomen (colic) along with spasms, pains that occur from stomach, intestines, gallbladder and urethra. It relieves bitter taste in mouth, frequent expulsion of material from pharynx characterized by presence of blood or undigested food (regurgitation), bloating, burping, accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal (flatulence), excitability and irritation.
Colchicum– treats rheumatic joint conditions (inflammation and pain), gastritis, burning sensation hyperemesis and gastroenteritis. It alleviates vomiting and nausea caused by inhaling strong odors from specific food. It supports circulatory system and heart.
Natrium phosphoricum – treats pain (afflictions) of gastrointestinal tract, hyperacidity causing diarrhea, acid eructation, heartburn. It supports activity of parietal cells.
Nux vomica – treats diseases related to digestive system such as stomach irritation.It also regulates involuntary constriction and relaxation of muscles of intestine (peristalsis). It helps in eliminating chronic gastritis along with chronic pancreatic and liver dysfunction that has symptoms such as nausea, coated tongue, constipation and bitter taste in mouth.
Robinia pseudacacia – treats overacidity of stomach, digestive tract catarrh, colic and diarrhea. It stabilizes circulatory system
Millefolium – treats digestive tract functions, mucosal bleeding, cramps, veins (venous) blockage of lower abdomen, gastritis and gallbladder dysfunction.

Recommended complimentary medicines: Adel 3 apo HEPAT (liver functions), Adel 66 TOXEX (general excretion, heavy metals), Adel 87 apo-INFEKT (bacterial & viral infections)

Dosage: Adults 15 to 20 drops of Adel 5 Apo-STOM, Children 7 to 10 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

Size: Adel 5 Apo-STOM drops comes in 20ML sealed Bottle

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